Case Study: Enterprise app migration

We helped a global leader in supply chain services efficiently and effectively host their applications on the cloud during a period of business transformation.


Supply Chain Management


24x7 Managed Services


Microsoft apps for logistics operations



Project scope

— Architecture assessment

— 24x7 managed services

About the client

Operating in 100+ locations spread over 60 countries, the client is a USD1.6 billion integrated supply chain services provider with many industry-firsts to its credit. They offer combine origin and destination logistics solutions with transportation services across all modes and regions of the world.

Business challenges

  • Due to an org-wide business transformation, the client’s IT infra was also undergoing a transition.
  • They needed to efficiently host their Microsoft-based applications for logistics packaging during this time.
  • Since their user base was spread across the APAC region, this had to be achieved with no business disruptions or loss of accessibility.


The client’s applications were hosted on various Microsoft solutions. Using our time-tested Nimbus cloud adoption framework, we conducted an architecture assessment, managed services onboarding, and provided the client with 24×7 managed services for hassle-free IT infrastructure management.

Our approach

Cloud Infra Monitoring and Optimization

Server and Backup Management

Database and Network Management

24x7 IT Services Desk

01. Cloud Infra Monitoring and Optimization

  • Software installation, configuration, and monitoring.
  • Refactoring VMs and optimizing according to scale.

02. Server and Backup Management

  • Analysis of metrics and performance of upgrades.
  • Monitoring and management of incidents.
  • Implementation and backup automation.

03. Database and Network Management

  • Upgrade of databases: archival and reorganization.
  • Implementation, management, and support of virtual private cloud.
  • Configuration of network access list, routing tables and sealing off undesired ports.

04. 24x7 IT Services Desk

  • Incident or service request logging and routing to relevant teams.
  • Coordinate for resolution with various stakeholders including OEM vendors.
  • Sending regular updates to business and IT stakeholders.


Met the client’s business requirements with assured SLAs during the transition.

Improved availability of services to the client’s APAC audience.

Monitored utilization and continuity of business services across 7 servers/3 DBs for scale and 17 servers/5 DBs for genesis.

Looking forward

We are glad to have played a key enabling role in the client’s IT transition to cloud during a period of crucial business transformation. We are committed to helping them leverage the advantages of cloud further to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

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