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4 reasons why you should modernize your legacy applications to cloud-native applications

Most businesses have been trying to play catch-up with the economy and evolving technology for many years now. Some businesses are perfectly happy with their legacy applications—they’ve worked for the past 15 years. Why change it now? 

Here’s why: Maintaining the old legacy system is extremely time-consuming and takes up to 60-80% of the IT spend in a company, according to recent studies.  

The data is not secure, there is no reliable back up source, and most importantly, it leaves no room for digital growth.  

While digital transformation and new technology may seem intimidating, it is in fact extremely simple, and it can be the difference between success and non-existence of businesses today. We, at 1CloudHub can help your business come out on top of this, effortlessly. Here’s how: 

Reviewing your existing tech set-up

1CloudHub is a certified AWS migration partner, and our experts will review your existing tech stack and legacy system, provide a report on the areas of concern, and provide a detailed report on how you can start your modernization process—all free of charge.

Beginning your app modernization

1CloudHub’s experts will help your company move your applications to a cloud-based, safe and secure solution without causing any disruption to your organization’s day-to-day operations.   

Architecting your cloud infrastructure

As official AWS partners, we will ensure that your cloud setup adheres to AWS best practices and maintains top-of-the-class standards, while also ensuring that the features and functions you love are unaltered. 

Continued consultation and support

We’re always available to help you with your modernization efforts, online as well as offline. Whether you want to add more applications to your current infrastructure or make it run more efficiently, we will help you get the best out of your technology for overall business success.  

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What are some benefits that app modernization can give you?

To just name a few, here are the top 4 benefits of app modernization that you’re missing out on: 

30-35% lower app maintenance costs 

Up to 74% lower costs on hardware, software, and company staff  

Almost 14% boost in annual revenue for large organizations

Up to 15-35% infrastructure

y-o-y savings 

Hundreds of leading brands across the world trust 1CloudHub for their cloud services. Join the family!

1CloudHub offers end-to-end application modernization services. We deliver a well-executed modern application that offers scalability without loss of performance with great user experience. We assist many enterprises in migrating, managing, and maintaining their application to meet business standards. We are experts at modernization and have assisted numerous clients in reaping the benefits of application modernization. 

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your free consultation today!

Latest case studies

Migration of large Windows landscape from On-prem Data center to AWS

Windows Workload Migration from On-Prem to AWS with Zero Down Time

Migration of e-Commerce portal from On-prem Data Center to AWS

1CloudHub helped the online shopping store in migrating from on-premises to AWS, reducing downtime and ensuring end-user security.

DevOps Implementation- Automated Deployment Process

Migrated the entire IT infrastructure – ERP & Financial systems – from OnPrem to Cloud without impacting the business which needs the systems to be running 24 x 7

Data Lake on AWS For Seats and Revenue Analytics

Data lake was successfully created by ingesting data from various sources which enabled the customer to perform seat and revenue analysis

IaC Automation & Data Generation

We at 1CloudHub successfully containerized an identified application, optimizing the cloud resources used by the application, for continuous delivery.

Leveraging AI/ML(Personalization) to Increase Checkout Ratio & Rationalize Discount Coupons for a leading B2C E-Ticketing Platform

Increase in Checkout Ratio by 2 basis points Decrease in cost to business by categorizing into 6 categories

App Cloud Maturity Enhancement (Using Containers)​

We at 1CloudHub successfully containerized an identified application, optimizing the cloud resources used by the application, for continuous delivery.

CI/CD Application Deployment Process using Serverless Technology

1CloudHub helped building CI/CD pipelines for 20+ active and critical applications.

Migration of E-commerce Portal from OnPrem to AWS Cloud

Seamlessly migrated 10+ VMs to AWS with zero downtime. 5% savings on Infra spend by Right sizing and cost optimization​

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