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Learn how 1CloudHub ensures you have a successful DB modernization that also saves you time and money.


Migrating proprietary databases like SQL Server and Oracle to the cloud is fraught with challenges and hidden costs (cloud portability license).

With PaaS on Cloud, you can modernize underlying transactional databases to make your apps cheaper to run, more reliable, scalable, and easier to manage. Our DB modernization solutions reduce the complexity of migration, so you can focus on innovation.

Modernization Benefits

On the cloud, you can avoid paying for expensive licenses.

Leverage the power of PaaS on the cloud to remove administrative overheads, scale, and maintain 99.99% SLA-backed high availability.

Fully managed serverless DB deployments in the cloud boost productivity while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Tool Based Migration from anywhere to Cloud

A tool-based evaluation provides you with information on the migration complexity of your database landscape.

Accelerate the migration process with minimal code changes to the application using cloud-native Database migration services.

Traditional vs Tool based migration


  • Manual creation of the target DB schema and refactoring of the application code to work with the new DB
  • Source to Target data migration done manually
  • Cumbersome to cutover (longer cutover window)

BabelFish On Aurora (Using Translation Tool)

  • Tool based migration so, the target schema is defined automatically
  • Source to target data migration done automatically
  • Tool based cutover (shorter cutover window)

Success Story

Customer is a shipping and logistics giant consolidating their IT infrastructure on AWS after an M&A.

As part of the modernization initiative customer was looking for a solution that would help them avoid expensive license costs for SQL server on AWS to improve their ROI.

As a digital transformation partner 1CloudHub modernized their applications and databases to open-source alternatives like PostgreSQL.

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56% reduced TCO on Cloud

70% queries had better performance on PostgreSQL than SQL server

Fully managed serverless Database solution on AWS

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