Why Us ?

<p><center><b>One stop shop for SAP </b></center>

One stop shop for SAP

  • Dedicated SAP practice to provide one stop end-to-end solution for all SAP activity (Cloud Infra, SAP Basis, SAP Development, SAP Functional & steady state support)
<p><center><b>Automation Driven Migration</b></center>

Automation Driven Migration

  • Incorporate best practice
  • Quality work without rework
  • Structured & Sequenced
  • Predictable & effective TAT
  • Sets Baseline
  • Continues Quality Improvement
  • Consistent output & Customer experience
  • Quality Deliver every time
<p><center><b>Consultative approach</b></center>

Consultative approach

  • Strategic partner offering end to end advisory, guidance & execution.
  • Digital transformation services beyond SAP

Our SAP Offerings

S/4 Hana Conversion 

Our team guides customer in adopting their legacy application to SAP solution and help them to adopt and leverage S/4HANA capabilities. Our team helps customers to strategies S/4 conversion, by conducting workshop to help customer to identify optimal approach. For existing customer there are multiple options available like going purely for green field by leaving the existing system, do a S/4 conversion or take only the customizing leaving data to S/4. Our team can guide and help customer for choosing the best approach. 

SAP Green field Implementation 

Customers planning to venture into newly implementing SAP software as their preferred ERP solution can opt for a Green Field Implementation. If customers are using legacy software, our functional & development team will help to map and design the business function to SAP S/4 or any other SAP Business suit. Broadly it has three aspects, Infra setup in cloud, SAP Functional & Development consulting and SAP Technical (Basis) team for installation of SAP application. 

SAP OS/DB Migration 

Customers using SAP solutions in their on-prem and want to move their workload to public cloud, based on the OS and DB preference we help to either perform a lift & Shift or perform a complex OS/DB migration to public cloud. 

SAP Functional Enhancement 

For existing customers who are using SAP, there will always be situations where they would like to adopt a new business process or functionality. Our functional expert can help customers to address and help them to address new requirements and map the business process to their SAP system. 

SAP DR setup on Cloud 

As part of business resilience our SAP team can help to address customer requirement in a consulting approach in advising what best suits them as per their organizational requirement with cost & time in consideration. 

SAP Managed Services 

Once the work load is in cloud, 1CH team can help with a full-fledged managed service in an all-in-one stop. Where we address infra and application (both technical & functional) 

Industry Specific Solutions

Business Continuity - DR/ S/4 HANA PoC
Replatform / Cloud Migration / Performance Benchmark
Cloud Migration / S4 Hana assessment
Greenfield Implementation
Functional Enhancement

Key Clientele

Our Case Studies

Enhancing E-Commerce Platforms with Image Processing Capabilities

Explore a successful e-commerce transformation with AWS and 1CloudHub. Learn how AWS Lambda-powered image processing optimizes scalability, reduces costs, and accelerates time-to-market.

Migrate and Modernize the MSSQL on RDS to PostgreSQL on Aurora (Babelfish) Using DMS

We helped to Migrate and Modernize the MSSQL on RDS to PostgreSQL on Aurora (Babelfish) Using DMS

Migrate from DB on Amazon EC2 to Amazon RDS for MySQL with HA using AWS DMS for E-Commerce Platform 

We helped our top E-commerce platform customer to Migrate from DB on Amazon EC2 to Amazon RDS for MySQL with HA using AWS DMS

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