Migration Services

Our Migration team can migrate your business and help you to step into the new world

We guide businesses through migrations with minimal interruptions and near-zero downtime, thanks to operational practices refined over hundreds of migrations. You’ll be relieved to know that 1CloudHub has a team of certified AWS SMEs and is one of only a few AWS Advance Consulting Partners that AWS trusts to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.

The Three-Phase Migration Process

1CloudHub and AWS understand that every migration is unique; however, based on our experience assisting organisations of all maturity levels, industries, and geographies migrate to the cloud, a standardised migration process has emerged. This procedure can be divided into three stages of activity:

  1. Evaluate,
  2. Mobilize,
  3. Migrate and modernise

Following this three-phase approach is the most efficient and rapid way for your organisation to migrate tens, hundreds, or thousands of workloads.

Keep Driving Your Business Forward With Flexible AWS Expertise


To avoid overprovisioning, gather useful information about your infrastructure.


To help speed things up, we will use an agile approach with short POC cycles.


Create a migration strategy that aligns your goals with AWS best practises.


To avoid unpleasant surprises, determine your post-migration licensing requirements and expenditures.


We employ AWS migration best practises to assist you with any migration challenges. We’ll perform a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) to determine your cloud readiness.


In the Mobilize phase, 1CloudHub will help address gaps in your organization’s readiness that were uncovered during the assessment, with a focus on building your baseline environment (the “landing zone”), driving operational readiness, and developing cloud skills.

Migrate & Modernize

During the Migrate & Modernize phase, each of your workloads will be designed, migrated, and validated. AWS Migration Hub allows you to quickly get progress updates across all of your migrations, easily identify and troubleshoot any issues, and reduce the overall time and effort spent on your migration projects.

Our Case Studies

Cost effective, Scalable Cloud Solution for connected vehicle telematics

1CloudHub helped the automotive manufacturer with a Cost-effective, Scalable Cloud Solution for Connected vehicle telematics

Migrating LOB workloads for NBFC

1CloudHub helped a leading Investment and Finance Company in Migration.

E-Commerce Platform Migration to AWS Cloud

1CloudHub helped an Indian wardrobe store and silk saree emporium in migration

Application Modernization and Migration of Enterprise Workloads

1CloudHub helped a leading global shipping giant to organize shadow IT systems and bring in centralized governance.

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