Migrating LOB workloads for NBFC

1CloudHub helped an Investment and Finance Company in Migration.


Financing company


On-Prem to AWS Migration

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August 20, 2022

Customer Overview

The customer is a leading financial company. They provide small business and mortgage loans to eligible borrowers to meet their business and personal needs. They majorly serve customers in India.

Existing Challenges

Customer is collaborating with 1CloudHub to transition its current application to AWS infrastructure.

The Customer team encountered scalability and availability issues on-premises that will be overcome in the cloud.

The main issues are TCO In the CtrlS of their Hardware licenses.

Below are the main issues they are facing in the Ctrls

  • Upfront hardware and software cost
  • Difficulty in capacity building and deployment
  • Required dedicated resources for maintaining the data center

Buiness Outcome

Creates value by enabling other areas in the enterprise ecosystem to be faster, more efficient, and more flexible. The classic characteristics of cloud computing make this obvious.

  • Pay as you go
  • Scale up and down
  • Reduced Operational cost with dynamic scaling.
  • Reduced business and operational risks by migrating to a more resilient and secured IT environment.
  • Instantaneous deployment
  • New and innovative services
  • Trials without up-front costs

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