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Our AWS DevOps Competency team can help you improve your organization's performance

Plan, Build, Test, & Deploy Faster

Our Enterprise DevOps consulting services assist organizations in achieving greater efficiency in development and operations, shorter time to market, faster delivery, and more reliable and high-quality software builds. When identifying emerging development issues early on, always leave the code in a releasable state with minimal effort and automate the process.

In addition, all DevOps capabilities and cultures must be incorporated: collaboration, automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, monitoring, and rapid remediation. AWS DevOps is a set of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that improve an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity when using Amazon’s cloud platform.

Without a doubt, AWS does an excellent job of providing DevOps professionals with all of the tools they require to build a quick, scalable, and secure environment. Amazon, the pioneer of cloud computing, provides fully programmable services that can be configured and accessed via a robust CLI.

Amazon’s services are designed to be easily scalable. Furthermore, all services are immediately available. AWS DevOps professionals looking to implement DevOps automation best practices will be able to configure and set up their environment quickly and easily.

Our Expertise in AWS DevOps

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CI/CD Tools

1CH’s DevOps approach orchestrates all DevOps tools, CI/CD processes, automates infrastructure, and streamlines operations, facilitating communication between Infra/Dev/Ops/QA/Security. And practices that require faster software delivery.

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Why choose 1CH for DevOps?

Our DevOps solutions assist customers in quickly and consistently aligning with goals, as well as streamlining development and operations processes to achieve a faster time to market.

  • Center of Excellence for DevOps
  • Multi-cloud customer references.
  • A centralised, shared services model provides more value.
  • Policies for DevOps compliance, fine-grained controls, and configuration management
  • Implementation of infrastructure as code and policy as code

Our Case Studies

Financial Services – Application Modernization to enhance agility & scalability

1CloudHub helped a Investment and Finance Company Limited in India in DevOps Implementation.

Winning the DevOps Way

1CloudHub helped a leading assessment and learning product firm in DevOps Implementation.

Application and Database Modernization along with CI/CD

1CloudHub helped the third largest Shipping and transportation company in DevOps Implementation.

Using DevOps To Keep An Edge

1CloudHub helped an Indian wardrobe store and silk saree emporium in DevOps Implementation.

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