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What is QuickSight?

Amazon QuickSight is a business analytics platform provided by AWS. QuickSight SPICE, a fast, parallel, in-memory calculation engine, is powered by Amazon. It enables people with no coding experience to explore data and extract various perspectives.It works with a vast variety of data sources (Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, local Excel files, and more)  and can manage various industry areas when calculating business metrics separately.

Data Analytics and Services

Why 1Cloudhub?

With the help of our proprietary tools, we have enabled our customers to quickly setup data pipelines in the AWS cloud and visualize gold data in QuickSight.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

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Machine Learning

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AI Services

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Our Case Studies

Data Lake on AWS For Seats and Revenue Analytics

Data lake was successfully created by ingesting data from various sources which enabled the customer to perform seat and revenue analysis

DataLake and Analytics for Digital Exam Platform on AWS

We were able to unify multi source(including on-premise) data sets, created future proof analytical platform for delivering a  hierarchical student performance reports.

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