SysOps Services

With AWS Systems Manager, You can Secure and automate your AWS operations

With businesses becoming more agile, essential management activities such as gathering system inventory, deploying OS patches, image generation, and configuring OS and apps at scale are becoming increasingly important.

1CloudHub employs AWS Systems Manager Service in combination with its extensive knowledge in cloud infrastructure management to complete critical management activities in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner.

Systems Manager is a collection of fully managed AWS services and capabilities for automating the configuration and continuous management of systems at scale across Windows/Linux workloads operating on EC2 or in-house data centers.



Hybrid Cloud Compatibility

Regardless of whether infrastructure is on-premise or in the AWS cloud, a single consistent environment and toolset can be used to manage it.


Cross-platform support

Support for Windows and Linux platforms without having to manage several tools for each platform.


Reduce Costs

Systems Manager helps you reduce costs by providing easy to use, automated tools for tracking, updating and maintaining your software and OS configurations.


Improve Visibility And Control

Systems Manager helps you easily understand and control the current state of your EC2 instance and OS configurations. With Systems Manager, you can collect software configuration and inventory information about your fleet of instances and the software installed on them. You can track detailed system configuration, OS patch levels, application configurations, and other details about your deployment. Integration with Amazon Config lets you easily view changes as they occur over time.

Secure Role bases Management

Systems Manager helps improve your security posture in several ways. Through integration with Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can apply granular permissions to control the actions users perform. All actions taken by Systems Manager are recorded by Amazon CloudTrail, allowing you to audit changes throughout your environment.

How it Works

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