Database Migration Services

Empowering Your Technology Landscape With Seamless Data Migration Services

Database Migration Overview

Database migrations to the cloud are commonly thought to be time-consuming and prone to failure, but this is simply not the case. 1CloudHub’s in-house expertise in Cloud Migration and Database Migration Services allows you to effortlessly and quickly move your databases and application stack to the AWS cloud.


Without having to perform a full migration, you can now migrate just the data of an application across different platforms and OS versions. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate your attention on the aspects of your migration that are critically necessary.

1CloudHub’s AWS Database Migration Service Offerings

AWS Database Migration Service provided by our certified Cloud engineers reduce the time and cost to land your data on the AWS data platform. We have implemented lift-and-shift database migrations for multiple of our Customers with zero downtime.

Why 1CloudHub?

Optimize DBMS TCO, utilization and capacity management.

Our extensive experience performing migrations will help you maintain data quality, data consistency, and data lineage during and after the migration.

De-risk your migration with our in-depth experience in transforming your databases to RDS or Aurora DB using AWS DMS.

Our expertise has enabled us to build a library of best practices with automation to support your migration with accuracy.

How Database Migration works?



Business impact of migrating to the cloud, operation cost, scalability, TCO and business applications, for homogeneous, heterogeneous and consolidation



To ensure that the desired design meets or exceeds performance expectations, map out all data sources, schema interdependencies, and admin requirements.



To help you modernise while you migrate, use Aws native tools to optimise database speed, replication, schema layout, and more.



Set up and carry out a zero-downtime migration from original data sources to the target cloud environment, including data replication, full load, and validation.


Continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity to guarantee cloud migration is predictable and consistent.


Continuously analyze data growth plus emergent integration needs; keep pace with your market and competitive environment, as application and analytic use cases continue to evolve

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