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1CloudHub’s versatile cloud solutions and services assist you in migrating your data and applications to the cloud while enabling modernization and innovation at your preferred speed

No matter what approach you choose, experience uninterrupted, efficient migration without concerns about delays or data loss. Our methodologies guarantee swift and efficient optimization of your IT, facilitating a quick and painless adaptation to new systems.

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Cloud Advisory Services

Be it migrating your existing systems to cloud or architecting a whole new solution, we can help you at every step of your cloud journey!

 Cloud Roadmap & TCO
 Cost Optimization Advisory

 DC Migration Planning
 Security Assessment

 Enterprise Data Lake

Cloud Roadmap & TCO

Cloud migration certainly has its benefits, but have you weighed its risks? Our framework-based approach to cloud migration starts with understanding your key business drivers and end goals. We will co-create with you a roadmap that considers every aspect of your data and applications: which apps to migrate, planning and prioritizing, assigning accountabilities and governance, reporting and measuring success parameters, and more.

  • Current state assessment
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Feasibility assessment
  • 6Rs evaluation
  • Business case building
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Application migration roadmap

Cloud Cost Optimization Advisory

As your cloud infrastructure grows or diversifies, managing managing it becomes a complex, non-scalable, error-prone undertaking. Let us help you monitor your cloud infra, identify inefficiencies and optimize your spends, while maintaining the security and integrity of your data and applications.

  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring
  • Cloud usage metering & billing
  • Cloud spends optimization
  • Real-time & monthly intelligence

Data Centre Migration Assessment & Planning

Migrating your data centres to the cloud is a complex and business-critical endeavour. With our proprietary frameworks and tools, we can create a roadmap that takes into account high level tasks, technology considerations and dependencies, business risks and data security. So, you can complete the migration with minimum business disruption, maximum adherence to SLAs and great post-migration performance.

  • Technology landscape mapping
  • Business risk assessment
  • Data access, dependency & security assessment
  • Migration planning
  • Pre and post performance measurement

Security Assessment

Whether its customer data security, user access controls, or application/network/platform security, we help you ensure the security of anything you put on the cloud. We have an array of one-time security and vulnerability assessments to ensure that your cloud stack is secure. We can also continuously monitor your cloud assets for misconfigurations, deployment-errors, vulnerabilities, and security threats.

  • Cloud infra security tests
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Architecture review
  • OS & firewall vulnerability tests
  • Load and performance tests
  • DOS/DDOS tests

Enterprise Data Lake

Your systems are capturing millions of data bytes across touchpoints, but are you able to draw value from them? All the data in the world is useless if you cannot collate and analyze it. Our Data Lake solutions help you aggregate, segment, and structure data from across sources and present it in a form and format that lets you easily draw insights and make smart, data-driven decisions.

  • Data cataloguing
  • Unified data storage
  • Centralized data management
  • Data tagging & advanced analytics
  • - Enterprise collaboration through data access & sharing

Application Consulting Services

Moving to the cloud is an easy decision to make. What’s harder is all the decisions that follow: which cloud solutions make sense for your business? How about data and application compatibility? What performance benchmarks should you expect post-migration? We can answer all these questions and help you make the shift to cloud.

Microsoft Apps on Cloud
 Oracle Apps on Cloud

 Performance/Load Testing

Microsoft Apps on Cloud

From startups to governments to 90% of Fortune 500 companies, organizations worldwide use Microsoft’s SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS cloud services. We can help you build, test, deploy, and manage your Microsoft applications on cloud.

  • Windows/Linux virtual machines
  • Managed SQL databases
  • MS Office 365
  • Dynamics 365

Oracle Apps on Cloud

Oracle’s suite of 1000+ SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, and PaaS services is used by 25,000+ customers worldwide. If you’d like to use Oracle’s infrastructure or cloud applications to transform your business, we can help you with the architecture and/or migration.

  • Oracle CX Cloud Suite
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • ERP Cloud
  • Oracle SCM Cloud
  • Oracle EPM Apps

Performance / Load Testing

The cost benefits cloud offers is one of the main reasons organizations migrate to it. But it’s never just about the dollars! Are the cloud apps you’ve chosen delivering for you? Are they bringing you the performance, agility, and efficiency you expected? It’s important to test your cloud apps for these and that’s where we can help you.

  • Stress tests
  • Memory monitoring
  • Speed and performance assessment
  • Elasticity and scalability evaluation

  Managed Services

Avoid the cost and complexity of managing your own physical servers and data centres. We can help you manage and optimize your cloud usage and spends, 24/7.  Let us power your infra, while your people power your business!

 24×7 Cloud Infra Managed Services
 DB – HANA, MS-SQL, MySQL & Oracle

 Security Assessment & VAPT

24x7 Cloud Infra Managed Services

We ensure that your systems are up and running 24×7 and handle incidents as per SLAs. This way, your team can focus on business-critical tasks without worrying about hiccups.

  • Incident/log management
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Backup management and disaster recovery
  • Security and user management
  • Cost and usage optimisation

DB - HANA, MS-SQL, MySQL & Oracle

Managing growing and complex data portfolios while retaining performance and availability is no mean task. Our team of experts can run your database administration, leaving you to run your business.

  • Database capacity optimisation
  • High availability solutioning
  • Operations standardisation
  • Vulnerability assessment

Security Assessment & VAPT

From targeted cyber attacks, account or service hijacking and data leakage to the demands of consumerization and changing compliance requirements, the challenges on cloud security today are many. Through our security and vulnerability assessment frameworks, we can help ensure that your cloud architecture is designed to withstand and overcome these.

  • Security/vulnerability assessment tests
  • Security process documentation
  • Ongoing/periodic security monitoring
  • Incident management procedure design

 Cloud IaaS Engineering

Architecting and migrating your data and applications to the cloud needs the expert hand of specialists. Whatever your workload, we can help engineer the cloud for you.

 Hybrid Cloud
 Apps Migration & Provisioning

 Enterprise Backup
 Digital Sites Migrations

 Media Platforms
 Site/Application DR

 Internet Native / ISV Apps

Hybrid Cloud

Through our hybrid cloud services, we bring you the best of both worlds: the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of a public cloud and the security and integrity of a private cloud/on-premise systems behind your organizational firewall. Start small, expand as required, and pay only for what you use!

  • Dynamic workloads
  • Big data processing
  • Cloud backup and DR
  • Archiving and retrieval

Apps Migration & Provisioning

Organizations across the world are moving to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean the process isn’t hard. Which applications to move to the cloud? What cloud format to choose? How about your data centres? We can answer all these questions and help make your cloud migration smooth and efficient.

  • Application inventory
  • Data capture & code analysis
  • Migration planning & roadmap
  • Future architecture design
  • Migration model development
  • Migration execution

Enterprise Backup

Cloud backup is the smartest way to store, protect and access your enterprise data. Be it security, compliance or disaster recovery, your data will be safe and readily accessible on the cloud.

  • Easy backup, recovery & archival
  • Disaster recovery
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Smart governance
  • Cost-saving Pay-As-You-Go model

Digital Sites Migration

Moving from on-premise IT to the cloud? Migrating your existing website, the window to your business, is a good place to start! Let us help you move your site to the cloud with minimal disruption/downtime, zero data loss, and high post-migration performance.

  • Lift and shift approach
  • Site backup & disaster recovery
  • Cloud repositories for code
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Media Platforms

In this day and age, stiff competition and high consumer expectations are driving content providers to find faster and more efficient ways to delivery high quality content to their audience. Simplify your content management and offer superior, universally-accessible delivery with minimal buffering and disruptions to your audience with on-cloud media.

  • Content access everywhere
  • Faster content loading & high quality delivery
  • Demand management through infrastructure scaling
  • Protection from content piracy

Site / Application DR

What happens if your primary data centres or applications get compromised? Absolutely nothing, if you invest in cloud DR. We start by evaluating your data protection needs and identify cloud providers who can address these. In case of a disaster, we help you recover your data within stipulated RPO and RTO.

  • DR on Demand
  • Zero downtime & data loss
  • DR procedure documentation creation
  • Implementation of cloud security tools
  • Governance, risk & compliance management

Internet Native / ISV Apps

Switching from on-premise apps to SaaS comes with many benefits: agility, data security, and cost savings. However, there are important considerations: migrating and mapping your historical data securely and efficiently, customising the new SaaS applications, aiding user adoption, and so on. We can help you with the end-to-end transition, from planning to execution.

  • Minimally invasive approach
  • Incremental migration model
  • Staged data migration
  • Continuous monitoring and management

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