Web Application Security Services

You can secure your web application and deliver data, videos, or APIs to your customers around the world with low latency and higher transfer speeds.

With AWS WAF, You Can Automate Threat Mitigation And Protect From Typical Web Attacks

In the last decade, the way businesses use the Internet has dramatically altered. Many businesses have created complex web apps that store massive quantities of data in the cloud. Regrettably, this has left them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

There are a range of technologies that can assist & protect web apps by reducing the danger of cyber-attacks. The AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) is one of the most effective. AWS WAF is used to defend applications and APIs from the ever-increasing landscape of online threats, and we work with our customers to improve their application/API security posture.

Our AWS WAF experts at 1CloudHub can provide highly customized and optimized solutions that are tailored to your needs. With AWS WAF and AWS Edge Services Bundles, you can secure your web application and deliver data, videos, or APIs to your customers around the world with low latency and higher transfer speeds.



Enhanced Web Traffic Visibility

AWS WAF provides near-real-time insight into your web traffic, which you may use to develop new Amazon CloudWatch rules or alerts. You have fine control over how the metrics are displayed, allowing you to monitor everything from individual rules to all inbound traffic.

Agile Protection

Agile protection against web attacks

WAF has hundreds of rules that can check any part of a web request with minimum impact on incoming traffic due to delay. AWS WAF defends web applications against threats by filtering traffic according to rules you provide.

SAve time

Managed rules will let you save time

You can instantly get started and defend your web application or APIs against typical attacks using Managed Rules for AWS WAF. Managed rules are updated automatically as new concerns arise, allowing you to spend more time developing applications.


Cost Effective Protection

You just pay for what you use with AWS WAF. AWS WAF is a self-service product with pricing based on the number of rules you apply and the number of web requests your web application receives. There are no minimum costs or commitments up advance.

Security Integrated

The AWS WAF API or the AWS Management Console may be used to customise every functionality in AWS WAF. As they create apps, your DevOps team may define application-specific rules that improve web security.

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