AI/ML Offerings

We help clients to improve their business performance and create better value for their stakeholders

Our AI/ML Offerings

Amazon Web Services powered AI/ML solutions to help you leverage the promises of a new era of continuity and productivity, that enhances the speed and precision and to help own your future better. 1Cloudhub works at the intersection of business and AI technology to help clients improve their business performance and create better value for their stakeholders.

<p><center><b>Demand Forecasting</b></center>

Demand Forecasting

Embrace the play of uncertainties affecting your decision making.
Discover the world of accurate futures in your business for better manufacturing & supply chain decisions.

<p><center><b>Financial Forecasting </b></center>

Financial Forecasting

Forecast with confidence to enhance the competitiveness and value of your business & identify opportunities for growth.

<p><center><b>Personalized Recommendations</b></center>

Personalized Recommendations

Improve your customer engagement by powering personalized product and content recommendations, tailored search results, and targeted marketing promotions.

Why 1CloudHub for AI/ML?

Industry Leading Partner

As a Strategic solution partner, we ensure that your business fully leverages the transformative power and cost benefits of AI/ML Solutions

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A new lens on AI/ML Solution Acceleration

Our platform technology, tools and best practices make the difficult journey to finding value in data easy! We help accelerate time to Value in AI initiatives by 40% at 30% lower total costs.

Nimbus nSights

  • Accelerates Decision making
  • Live & Wholesome view of your data & forecasts to discover patterns & get meaningful insights
  • Best case & Probabilistic forecast charts
  • Integrate Advanced Analytic visualizations
  • Multi-user access with Robust Security
  • Browser & Mobile View

Nimbus Framework

  • Multiple integration – RDBMS, No-SQL, File stores, API endpoints
  • Data Orchestration & Aggregation
  • Faster deployment of data pipelines
  • Profile & Cleanse Mal-formed data
  • Build ML/AI models faster
  • Export data to SAP, Oracle
  • Self service interface to answer business questions
  • Managed production support

Our Approach

Explore new insights. See tangible outcomes in weeks, Not months!

3 weeks initial engagement to discover how you can leverage AI & ML and embrace innovation to drive new value for your organization.

STAGE 1 - Pilot phase


Understand Current AL/ML Plans/Offerings to Business Stakeholders

Share 1CH AI/ML Use Cases

Explore Key Scenarios, Use Cases and Scope to Leverage AI/ML

Identify a Business Use Case  for AI/ ML POC

Data Assessment

Identify Business Metrics, Data Inventory

Select a Dataset for POC

Understand Data Features

Analyze & Validate Data Quality for Al/Ml Enabled Solution

AI/ML Pilot Prototyping

Data Preparation and Transformation

ML Platform Configuration

Model Building & Evaluation

Showcase Findings & Insights

Recommend Strategy & Roadmap

STAGE 2 - Execute & Optimize Business with AI

AI/ ML Productionize

Organize & Tune ML Models

Orchestrate ML Pipeline

Deploy Secure Prediction Endpoints

Compute Scaling

AI/ML Model Management

Model Monitoring & Alerts

Concept Drift Detection & Alerts

New Model Updates

Our Case Studies

Modernization of Document Management System

Industry Financial ServicesOffering Cloud-Driven ModernizationCloud AWSPublished OnDecember 30, 2023 About the client Chola Financial Services, a leading financial institution with a widespread network of branches across India, embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its Document Management System (DMS), GENEX. Teaming up with 1CloudHub, the aim was to migrate GENEX to Amazon Web Services (AWS),[...]

Containerization and Migration of EC2 Applications to Amazon EKS

Industry Financial ServicesOffering EKS MigrationCloud AWSPublished OnDecember 30, 2023 About the client Validus, a leading Singaporean Fintech company, offers a one-stop SME business finance platform specializing in secure local and overseas money transfers. Requirements Validus recognized the benefits of containerization and chose Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for a modernized architecture. The project with 1CloudHub aimed[...]

Elevating Financial Operations with AWS Migration

Industry Financial ServicesOffering MigrationCloud AWSPublished OnDecember 30, 2023 About the client Five Star Business Finance is exploring options on AWS cloud as part of the data centre exit strategy. They currently have challenges of scale and availability. This is due to lack of app environment segregation (Non-Prod and Prod), and co-hosting of multiple applications on[...]

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