Future proof your strategies. Prepare for Tomorrow. Leverage AI to accurately forecast future business outcomes Faster, Cheaper & Better.

Demand Forecasting

Forecast future business outcomes with confidence

B2C & B2B e-Business, FMCG, Transport, Retail, Manufacturing, Intermediate goods: Each industry has its very own challenges to derive future insights on Product Demand to resource planning to maximize revenue and control costs.

1CloudHub focuses on helping you make the most of your demand data through forecasts to help you navigate amidst uncertainties, identify emerging imperatives and opportunities, make informed decisions and develop future proof strategies.

1Cloudhub forecast solution is built to provide accurate and probabilistic demand forecasts for routine challenges such as purchasing, stocking, production planning and pricing. Our predictive techniques are designed to provide business outcomes and more timely insights that will help you to track and make decisions in your value chain and assess your future impacts on strategy and investments.

AI-Led Forecasting

Accurate Forecasting For Delivery Customer Promises.

AI Automation

Automated & Managed solutions powered by AWS Sagemaker including automatic feature engineering, machine learning, deployment and model inference.

Benefits of Demand Forecasting

More accurate forecasts with Advanced machine learning 

Get forecasts that are up to 50% more accurate with state-of-the-art machine learning to automatically discover hidden patterns and relationships in your demand data that ultimately affect demand. The machine learning models that we build are unique to your data, which means the predictions are custom fit to your business.

Reduce forecasting time from months to weeks

With 1CloudHub demand forecast, you can achieve forecasting accuracy levels that used to take months of solution engineering in as little as a few weeks. We have ways to automatically import and load your data, inspect it, and identifies the key demand metrics needed for forecasting. Our platform trains and optimizes your custom ML model and hosts them in a highly available environment where it can be used to generate your business forecasts. Through automation of complex machine learning tasks, you can get accurate forecasts quickly.

Supports multiple forecasts

Our forecast insights provide the most comprehensive view of future signals directly impacting your business.  Multiple types of time series forecasts are required to run your business, from product demand to resource planning. 1CloudHub Demand Forecast supports building forecasts for multiple use cases and any historical time series data. We use a large library of state of art algorithms to determine the best fit for your forecast type automatically.

Achieve competitive Advantage

With fluctuating demands and uncertainties, your organisation needs to be able to react first to risks and opportunities in the value chain which can offer competitive advantage. Probabilistic forecasting enables vast scenario modelling and the ability to utilize the predictive power from your vast demand centric data to its full potential.

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