Today’s winners are those with the most insightful grasp of their data! Leverage AI to accurately forecast the future of your financials. Make more confident strategic decisions!

Financial Forecasting

Forecast future business outcomes with confidence

Financial forecasting provides predictions of how your business will perform in the future and helps track the expected performance of the business, so that timely decisions can be taken to address shortfalls against target, or maximise emerging opportunities.

You can use sales goals and targets together to get a better understanding of your financials for planning and analysis. Further, our forecast of multiple future estimates as probabilistic forecasts significantly helps ensure companies don’t overspend and run out of cash.

Deep Personalization and Recommendation

Hyper Personalizing User experience to increase discoverability, engagement, user satisfaction and revenues.

AI Automation

Automated & Managed solutions powered by AWS Sagemaker including automatic feature engineering, machine learning, deployment and model inference.

Get 50% more Accurate and Faster forecasting with Amazon Forecast

Our services are based on the same technology used at, Amazon Forecast uses machine learning to combine time series data with additional variables to build forecasts. You only need to provide historical data, plus any additional data that you believe may impact your forecasts. Multiple types of time series forecasts are required to run a business, from cash flow to product demand to resource planning. Amazon Forecast allows building forecasts for virtually every industry and use case, including retail, logistics, finance, advertising performance, and many more. Using machine learning, Amazon Forecast can work with any historical time series data and use a large library of built-in algorithms to determine the best fit for your particular forecast type automatically.

For example, the demand for a product such as fashion apparels in a retail business may change with the seasons and store location. This complex relationship is hard to determine on its own, but machine learning is ideally suited to recognize it. Once you provide your data, Amazon Forecast will automatically examine it, identify what is meaningful, and produce a forecasting model capable of making predictions that are up to 50% more accurate than looking at time series data alone.

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service, so there are no servers to provision, and no machine learning models to build, train, or deploy.

Benefits of Financial Forecasting

Predict future lead generation, Sales & Manage revenues better

The forecasts can be made across timelines in a year while your budget could remain the same. You can confidently estimate if an increase in lead generation activities when forecast can help you to decide if enough new business came in to help cover big bill payments.

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Plan it with conviction.

Cash flow forecasting has many advantages. Most importantly, it helps ensure your business to operate with enough cash against large anticipated outflows during a year. When you have unknowns about what to account for in the future, you may run out of cash leading to multiple risks and failures.

Identify risk areas early enough before they are serious

Financial forecast lets you lets you to get deeper insights in advance on your profit and loss, integral to business valuation. If you can only guess about the future profitability, it will be difficult to act in time and gain any significant financial investment.

Take control of your future

We help enable genuinely forward-looking financial insights to phase out traditional, rigid point in time forecasting and planning, and deploy effective rolling forecasting with moving targets with which you can make empowered decisions in your business which is otherwise very limited by using static budgets created months earlier.

Improve Investment potential

The more accurate your financial forecasts are, the better the chances of your Investor to fund your business for growth.  In your investment strategy, Forecasts help you to revise your budgets as things change throughout the year as your business pipeline & performance changes.  It will help you identify under-performing areas or overspend and fix the issues early before they grow out of control and lowers the investment potential.

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