You are losing opportunities in e-business if you are not connected with your customers and if they feel less connected with you? Leverage AI to Humanize your e-business at Scale to boost your online Marketing & Sales!

B2C Realtime Personalization and Recommendation

Boost Customer Experience to drive Sales & Revenues

With the right data, superior one-to-one interactions with all your customers just takes weeks and not years! Deliver sophisticated personalization capabilities into your B2C e-Business applications leveraging ML/AI technologies.

Real-time personalization and recommendation solution leverages leading organizational data sources including ecommerce, clickstream data, sales and CRM data, email data and edge devices data. Machine learning from data enables superior intelligence to your eBusiness  and related processes by automatically adapting your business to cater to evolving customer preferences and the nature of their interactions that can lead to superior customer experience and satisfaction.

When you can deliver the latest and most insightful content meeting your customer expectations at scale, the moment of engagements will go a long way in improving customer loyalty and increased quality of business returns.

Deep Personalization and Recommendation

Hyper Personalizing User experience to increase discoverability, engagement, user satisfaction and revenues.

AI Automation

Automated & Managed solutions powered by AWS Sagemaker including automatic feature engineering, machine learning, deployment and model inference.

Benefits of Real-time B2C Personalization & Recommendation

Cater to individual customer interests, drive traffic

Our solution personalizes content based on customer tastes and preferences that makes them feel they are special and are attended to with a higher relevance in their personal context. This improves customers delving deeply into your product lines without having to get distracted or perform exhaustive search and ultimately helps drive the traffic to your online business.

With the combination of the right data and state-of-art Machine Learning algorithms, our solution is designed to respond to specific customer needs, preferences and behaviour contexts overcoming common problems such as limited data, popularity bias, and evolving intent of users.

Convert visitors to customers at every touchpoint along the user journey

Personalize solution enables companies to provide a highly context relevant and unique experience for every user across multiple channels and devices. Personalized recommendations from the machine learning model integrated into your websites, mobile apps, or content management systems in the form of on-site search, product sorting, recommendations and offers and can be tailored to individual user preferences or behaviour.

Boost your e-Business conversion rates with higher engagement

Improving user engagement quotient and stickiness in an optimal time is crucial in your eBusiness. Personalize solution predicts what users are looking for and responds with the right recommendations before they switch to another site. As we integrate user activity data with the user profile and product information to identify the most appropriate product recommendations that resonate with user preferences, higher engagement levels for personalized offerings can boost the average order value for your e-Business.

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