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August 20, 2022

Customer Overview

The customer is located in South India, they run a silk saree emporium and a wardrobe store. For decades, the company has been a market leader in textiles and retail, as well as a household name for fine silks. The company is also a prominent player in the field of saree e-commerce. 

Existing Challenge

The customer website is currently running on Magento with customization. The application is hosted and managed by WebScale (a third-party hosting vendor) in a PaaS.

The development and customization of the application are handled by the customer & a third-party development team.

At present, the customer cannot perform much customization due to the lack of visibility provided by Webscale. The challenge they were facing is not able to scale consistently & justify the cost performance.

During peak periods, such as holidays and promotional events, the previous architecture was incapable of justifying the investment and ensuring stability.

Given the regular stability difficulties, the performance-to-spending ratio did not impress management.

Business Outcome

Three-tier architecture with Autoscaling controls the load whenever the threshold reaches in addition scalable and sustained environment.

CDN delivers the e-commerce website with low latency and high transfer speeds. WAF has been implemented on CDN to protect the web application against threats.

Faster, more seamless rollouts and a better cost-to-performance ratio, With auto-scaling and caching, the e-commerce platform was able to provide a better user experience (lower latency) at scale and efficiently handle holiday season traffic, resulting in a better cost-to-performance ratio.

Automated deployment, From once a week to several times a day, the automated deployment procedure is being leveraged to roll out new features without the significant chance of failure.  Rollbacks for reduced risk: With the option to roll back and lower the danger of downtime, the risk was reduced.

Please write to us at contactus@1cloudhub.com, if you wish to explore further on this deployment.

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