DevOps Implementation- Automated Deployment Process

1CloudHub helped the Edu-Tech Company to automate their deployment process and segregating the development landscape.




DevOps Implementation



About the client

The company is one of the largest fast-growing funded assessment companies that provide assessment tools for coaching institutes, colleges, educators & corporate & for students preparing for entrance exams. They conduct National Employability Assessment for college students with real-time coding simulators and adaptive aptitude tests.

Project Scope:

Landscape segregation and Build a DevOps model

Business challenges

  • All deployments are happening in the production landscape.
  • Any issue in deployment impacted the availability of the online portal.
  • Codes are not stored in the centralized repository which impacted code versioning and change tracking.


Extensive Pre-planning

Extensive Pre-planning

Built a separate development environment and created a centralized repo and by using AWS Developer tool automation, to automated Lambda, S3 and Dynamo DB deployment.

Leveraged Cloud Services

Leveraged Cloud Services

Bringing agility to their entire software deployment by addressing testing and code versioning requirement.

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