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Elevating Efficiency, Enhancing Scalability: Chola's GENEX Modernization Journey


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December 30, 2023

About the client

Chola Financial Services, a leading financial institution with a widespread network of branches across India, embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its Document Management System (DMS), GENEX. Teaming up with 1CloudHub, the aim was to migrate GENEX to Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring improved scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency.


  1. AWS Migration:
    • Migrate the GENEX app to AWS infrastructure.
    • Employ AWS Snowcone for secure and efficient data migration.
  1. Infrastructure Setup:
    • Launch a new infrastructure with a C# application server, MS SQL Database, and S3 Buckets for Live and Archive Data.
    • Implement a dynamic S3 lifecycle policy for optimized cost management.
  2. Data Migration:
    • Securely copy old data from on-premises servers to AWS via AWS Snowcone.
    • Collaborate with Chola IT for seamless data transfer from SharePoint and Hadoop servers.
  3. Application Refactoring:
    • Refactor the GENEX application to operate seamlessly with the new storage location on S3.
    • Consolidate all indexes (metadata) efficiently into MS SQL server on-premises.
  4. Archival Solution:
    • Provide a low-cost archival solution for approximately 90% of archived data.
    • Eliminate arbitrary storage limits, allowing scalability without additional license costs.
  5. Network and Access:
    • Maintain private network access for business users during and after migration.
    • Ensure simplicity and ease of storage infrastructure maintenance on AWS.


  • Initial Assessment:
    • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing infrastructure, data architecture, and dependencies.
    • Provision AWS infrastructure, considering specific requirements of the upgraded GENEX application.
  • AWS Infrastructure Provisioning:
    • Develop a detailed plan for segmenting data into live and archive categories.
    • Collaborate with Chola IT for efficient loading of archive data into Snowcone for secure transportation to AWS.
  • Data Segmentation and Migration:
    • Work closely with the Chola team to refactor the GENEX application for optimal performance with the new S3 storage.
    • Implement VPN connectivity for secure network access for business users.
  • Application Refactoring:
    • Facilitate the migration of Active Directory for a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.
    • Assist Chola IT in consolidating index (metadata) information into on-premise MS SQL.
  • Network and Access Setup:
    • Utilize Database Migration Service (DMS) for smooth replication of the database to RDS (SQL Server) on AWS.

Success Area

  1. Infrastructure Launch:
    • Provision AWS infrastructure for hosting an upgraded version of the GENEX application.
    • Implement a phased migration approach with a focus on data segmentation.
  2. Data Migration:
    • Utilize AWS Snowcone for secure, physical data transfer from on-premises servers.
    • Chola team updates the GENEX application on-premise for compatibility with both cloud and on-premises storage locations.
  3. Application Update:
    • Utilize S3 Standard tier for 5-10% live data and S3 One-zone IA for the majority of archive data.
    • Implement VPN connectivity for secure network access and facilitate Active Directory migration.
  4. Storage Architecture:
    • Consolidate index (metadata) information into MS SQL server on-premise.
    • Utilize Database Migration Service (DMS) to replicate the database to RDS (SQL Server) on AWS.

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