Case Study: Migration of popular news sites to Cloud with Zero Downtime

We at 1CloudHub successfully migrated one of India's established news site to cloud seamlessly while optimizing the infra for cost and performance.




Cloud Migration


Setting up of VMs / DB for all the sites and providing managed services



Project scope

—Migrating 11 news media sites from OnPrem servers to AWS Cloud with enhanced Security posture

—Managed Services including L1 support for application

About the client

The customer, The Indian Express ( is one of the India’s most popular news media house having more than 12 news publications in multiple languages. Some of their group sites like Kannada Prabha ( and Samakalikamalayam ( are leaders in their category and region. The combined traffic of all sites averages more than a million hits in a day and reaches higher levels on specific events and occasions.

Business challenges

  • Short-Notice : Migrate to cloud in less than 4 weeks due to abrupt termination of services by the incumbent on-prem vendor.
  • Zero downtime : Most of the sites are “top-in-category” sites and cannot afford cut-off time.
  • Complex Environment : Each site had different tech stack with links to 3rd party services and systems.


Given the challenges around the time duration available for the migration and the nature of the business where there was no downtime window to cut over to new infra, we adopted a 2-step migration approach to seamlessly migrate all the site to AWS.

In the first step, designed and provisioned a like-for-like infra on AWS as it was on the OnPrem and migrated all the sites. In the next step, after few weeks of operation, enabled additional security postures including WAF and optimized the infra design by right sizing for better performance at optimal cost.


Our approach


Design & Planning

Migration & Cutover

Integrated Managed Services

01. Assessment

  • Assessment of the current setup of both infra and applications.
  • Understand the integration with 3rd party services and systems.
  • Publish Assessment reports.
  • Setup the AWS Account.
  • Configure the data schema of the feedback data in AWS

02. Design & Planning

  • Designed the cloud infra based on the current as-is infra to ensure quick and seamless migration from the OnPrem infra.
  • Planned for the cut over based on the complexity and popularity of the sites.
  • Provisioned the cloud infra for each website based on the plan for cut over.

03. Migration and Cutover

  • Migrated the news sites based on the plan in as-is infra on cloud with zero downtime.
  • The cloud features such as WAF and CloudFront were used to improve security and site performance.

04. Integrated Managed Services

  • Onboard all servers and database servers to managed services
  • Include the website monitoring to the managed services scope to manage end to end services.


Seamless Migration

Seamless Migration

Migrated all the sites without affecting the business.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Optimized the cloud infra cost, based on the consumption data.

Architecture Modification

Architecture Modification

Optimized the architecture of the infra and application using WAF for better performance.

Integrated Managed Services

Integrated Managed Services

Website monitoring included as part of the infra-managed services.

Looking forward

We have enabled a smooth start to the  cloud transformation journey of the client and helped them realize key cloud values of agility, effective cost control  and security. We see this as the start of a fruitful partnership and we look forward to serve them more with our managed services in the near future for a smooth cloud adoption and support their future business growth.

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