Digital Asset Management Platform​

We helped one of the pre-school in India to build a Digital Asset Management platform which enable the organization to manage video files by tagging the assets based on their metadata for efficient search and retrieval.




Digital Asset Management Platform



About the client

Founded in the year 2004, the company was incepted with a vision to bring about a change in society through quality, innovation, and efficiency in the educational ecosystem.

Business challenges

  • Challenges in managing large volumes of digital assets spread across many category and subjects
  • Limitation in naming and classification for easy search and retrieval 
  • Challenges is managing the user privileges across the enterprise for effective storage management
  • Poor user experience leading to poor adoption of the tool.

Project Scope

  • Secured digital library with Role Based User Access

             – Upload and Download files

             – Search for files using meta data

  • Life cycle management using S3 Glacier
  • Single Management Platform


Building a Digital Asset Management platform which helped the organization to manage video files by tagging the assets based on their metadata for efficient search and retrieval.

Our approach

Set-up & Configuration


Migration & Cut-over

Support​ & Customer Care

01. Set-up & Configuration

  • Setup the application for the customer 
  • Create admin account 
  • Provision the users and the S3 Life Cycle Policy
  • Define the tags for meta data

02. Validation

  • Validate the system with user accounts 
  • Validate the application features with sample data set
  • Conduct workshop / Training for the key users of the customer on application features 

03. Migration & Cut-Over

  • Create the classification and folders in the system
  • Set roles and privileges
  • Migrate the digital assets
  • Cut over from legacy to live system  

04. Support & Customer Care

  • Manage the platform and ensure availability as per the agreed SLA
  • Support the users and provide solutions to the issues
  • Back up periodically


Structured metadata driven video file storage system for ease of use, facilitating search and retrieval, thus saving time

Single management platform to provide secure access to different users

Thumbnails for easy selection of desired files

Improved user experience by allowing the user to retrieve files using search and find option tool

Audit trail for security governance over user activities

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