Migration of IT Infrastructure from OnPrem to Google Cloud

Migrated the entire IT infrastructure – ERP & Financial systems - from OnPrem to Cloud without impacting the business which needs the systems to be running 24 x 7




Cloud Migration Services


GCP 75 servers



About the client

The company is one of the largest automobile corporate dealer and automobile parts distributor in India. The business activities includes, dealerships for Automobile vehicles, sales & service of products for special applications like Construction & Material handling.

Business challenges

  • Business critical applications : Migrating ERP and Surround apps (70+ servers) posed major challenge as it had very less down time window
  • Outdated technologies / OS : Some of the application were build on outdated versions of OS or technologies with no support from respective providers
  • Security & Privileges : Moving to cloud the infra required better security posture than the OnPrem security features
  • New to Cloud : The customer infra team and application team were new to Cloud and had apprehensions regarding the adoption

Project Scope

  • Seamlessly migrated the entire infrastructure from on prem to the Cloud with no impact to the business
  • Hand-holding the IT Team during application migration post the infra migration
  • Provide managed service to the Cloud Infra with high availability at optimal cost

Our Solution

  • Using NIMBUS™ Migration framework seamlessly migrated the applications with minimal impact to the business team
  • Leveraged the built-in 6R Assessment methodology to evaluate and recommend the right migration approach for each applications
  • Redefined the Security Posture to comply to the Cloud Standards and implemented it though the Cloud Security partners

Our approach

Discovery and Assessment

Design and Migration

Configure and Validation

Handover Workshop

Managed Services

01. Discovery and Assessment

  • Conducted series of workshops
  • Collected requirements, proposed workarounds for challenges in migrating specific servers
  • Technical Assessment to provide inputs to design ,unearth risks and issues

02. Design and Migration

  • Robust design covering different migration strategies
  • Seamless migration of App & DB servers including legacy systems
  • Near to zero hour downtime for migrating critical business systems

03. Configure and Validation

  • Full support to Application team in configuring Applications/Databases
  • Thorough validation of connectivity of migrated servers from On prem

04.Handover Workshop

  • Handover workshop for Knowledge Transfer to IT and Application teams
  • Walk thru of comprehensive documentation for the complete Migration engagement

05. Managed Services

  • Internal KT to Managed Services team
  • Seamless support provided 24×7, with uncompromised SLA


Extensive Pre-planning

Extensive Pre-planning

Conducted workshops and assessment sessions for detailed planning to ensure successful migration of 70+ servers and DBs

Leveraged Cloud Services

Leveraged Cloud Services

Designed and migrated cloud infra, leveraging various migration tools like CloudEndure for seamless migration

Adopted multiple migration strategies – (Rehosting, Refactoring)

Adopted multiple migration strategies – (Rehosting, Refactoring)

To mitigate the risks around migrating outdated technologies and platforms

Increased Security Posture

Increased Security Posture

Designed and implemented stronger security posture for the cloud Infra using tools like Palo Alto NextGen Fire Wall and Traps Anti-malware

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Helped the customer team on cloud adoption through trainings and workshops

Looking forward

We’ve migrated the entire IT infrastructure – ERP & Financial systems – from OnPrem to Cloud without impacting the business which needs the systems to be running 24 x 7

We see this as the start of a fruitful partnership and we look forward to serve them more with our managed services in the near future for a smooth cloud adoption and support their future business growth.

Write to us at contactus@1cloudhub.com if you have any queries.

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