Case Study: Multi-cloud strategy

We helped India’s leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider design and implement their HIS on cloud.




Cloud IaaS Engineering


HIS on multi-cloud


Azure, AWS, Hybrid

Project scope

— HIS architecture implementation on AWS cloud

— Multi-cloud integration

About the client

The client operates 45 hospitals, 10,000+ beds, and 314 diagnostic centres across India, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. In a global study of the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, its flagship institute was ranked #2, ahead of many outstanding medical institutions worldwide.

Business challenges

  • The client was using a single cloud provider for its Hospital Information System (HIS) needs.
  • However, this was posing some difficulties with scale and costs, which they wanted to overcome to make their healthcare delivery more effective.


The client’s applications were hosted on Microsoft Azure. We leveraged our time-tested Nimbus framework to de-risk the client from high dependency on a single cloud provider and enable scale. Our multi-cloud strategy involved the use of AWS, integrated with the client’s existing Azure-based components.

Our approach




Completion and reporting

01. Design

  • Envisioned and finalized the architecture of the HIS solution on AWS.

02. Implementation

  • Created a CloudFormation template and implemented the architecture on AWS.
  • Recommended an always-on architecture for servers and databases.

03. Connectivity

  • Established connectivity between AWS VPC to Azure and the client’s MPLS network.
  • Deployed monitoring agents to benchmark performance. Set up AWS instance monitoring on on CPU, memory, and disk IO.

04. Completion and reporting

  • Conducted a demo for the customer app team to login to the servers and work out the load balancing mechanism for the application tier.
  • Collected metrics and conducted extensive system testing.
  • Summarized the findings and made recommendations for production deployment.


Helped the client de-risk because of an over-dependence on a single cloud service provider.

Brought about portfolio diversity by the inclusion of the robust and agile AWS cloud.

Architected and implemented the HIS and integrated it with their existing Azure-based components.

Looking forward

We are delighted to have helped the client achieve scale and de-risk the dependence on a single cloud service provider. We look forward to helping them leverage cloud further to make their healthcare delivery more effective.

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