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December 30, 2023

About the client

Validus, a leading Singaporean Fintech company, offers a one-stop SME business finance platform specializing in secure local and overseas money transfers.


Validus recognized the benefits of containerization and chose Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for a modernized architecture. The project with 1CloudHub aimed to containerize and migrate existing EC2 applications to EKS, enhancing deployment and management capabilities.


  • Assessment and Planning:
    • Evaluate applications for containerization, considering complexity and dependencies.
    • Analyze dependencies for seamless containerization.
    • Architect a scalable, secure EKS application architecture.
  • Containerization:
    • Craft dockerfiles for each application.
    • Ensure robust isolation for secure boundaries.
    • Rigorous testing for seamless functionality.
  • Network Configuration:
    • Align VPC’s CIDR block and subnet ranges with application requirements.
    • Implement fault-tolerant subnets across different Availability Zones.
    • Deploy Internet Gateway (IGW) and NAT Gateways (NGWs) for optimized traffic flow.
  • Data Migration:
    • Estimate migration time and resource requirements.
    • Select an RDS instance aligned with database needs.
    • Export and import database, update connection strings.
  • EKS Cluster Setup:
    • Provision of an Amazon EKS cluster with Terraform.
    • Implement monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, and Node exporter.
    • Ensure deep visibility into cluster health, performance, and resource utilization.
  • Deployment and Orchestration:
    • Design Kubernetes manifests for deployment specifications.
    • Optimize workflows using Kubernetes Operators, Helm charts, or AWS CDK.
    • Comprehensive testing for functionality and configuration accuracy.
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD):
    • Integrate CI/CD pipeline for automated integration, testing, and delivery.
    • Enable version traceability and resilience through version control.
    • Set up monitoring and alerting systems for issue detection and resolution.

Success Area

Validus successfully modernized its legacy applications, achieving scalability, security, and efficiency through containerization and migration to Amazon EKS. The orchestrated deployment, continuous integration, and robust monitoring contribute to increased operational efficiency and faster deployments.

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