Case Study: DR for geographically diverse SAP

We helped one of the world’s largest paper, pulp, and packaging companies, a first-time cloud adaptor, to establish a unified DR site.


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SAP DR on Cloud



Project scope

— DR for SAP

— 4-system SAP landscape


About the client

The client is one of the world’s biggest producers of paper, pulp, and packaging with operations in Indonesia, China and Singapore. Established in 1972, today they process over 19 million tons every year and market their products in 120+ countries.

Business challenges

  • The client is a first-time cloud adaptor with their people, processes, and tech yet to be aligned for cloud.
  • The client had tight RTO and RPO goals: a matter of hours rather than days.
  • The client required common networking and governance on the DR site from multiple sites.


We leveraged our time-tested Nimbus framework to successfully set up SAP DR on Azure.

Our approach


Design and Planning

DR Prerequisites

DR Setup

Validation & DR Drill

01. Assessment

  • We used SAP-certified VMs on Azure for VM-sizing the target.

02. Design and Planning

  • We performed scoping and defined DR goals — RTO and RPO.
  • We designed the DR deployment architecture on Azure.
  • We created DR implementation plan and DR drill plan.
  • We planned for the project governance and risk registry.

03. DR Prerequisites

  • We performed housekeeping on SAP HANA.
  • We enabled additional internet bandwidth for replication.
  • We established network connectivity to Azure.
  • We deployed ASR including configurations and process servers.

04. DR Setup

  • Deployed HANA VMs on Azure.
  • Setup HSR for data sync.
  • Setup HADR for DB2 data sync.
  • Setup HSR for application server sync.

05. Validation & DR Drill

  • Validated the system setup on the DR site.
  • Coordinated the DR drill for business users.


We delivered the DR site within just four weeks!

We achieved an RTO of 4 hours.

We achieved a near real-time RPO.

We created significant capex savings for the client.

Looking forward

We are happy to have demonstrated business continuity for the client on a mission-critical SAP ECC transformation program and look forward to working with them in their cloud transformation journey ahead.

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