Case Study: DC and app migration

We envisioned, designed and implemented an end-to-end cloud transformation strategy for a leading gaming company in Malaysia.




Cloud Advisory Services


DC and Enterprise apps


Azure, AWS, Hybrid

Project scope

— Cloud strategy consulting

— TCO and roadmap

About the client

The client has been a pioneer in the gaming industry in Malaysia since 1968, with annual revenues of USD600Mn in 2017. The company focuses primarily on its licensed lottery business or 4-Digit (4D) numbers forecast betting and its variant games. The company’s IT infrastructure, hosted on-premise and co-located in Kuala Lumpur, is currently managed by an internal team reporting to the CIO.

Business challenges

In response to the changing business landscape and market conditions in Malaysia, the client wanted to:

  • Due to an org-wide business transformation, the client’s IT infra was also undergoing a transition.
  • They needed to efficiently host their Microsoft-based applications for logistics packaging during this time.
  • Since their user base was spread across the APAC region, this had to be achieved with no business disruptions or loss of accessibility.


To achieve these objectives, the client needed ready and easy access to a variety of business data. They realized that this need would be best addressed through an agile, secure, durable, scalable, on-demand Hyper Cloud environment like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.


The client started their cloud journey by adopting the SaaS solution O365 for mail. However, they also needed to plan, architect and operate their IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) clouds. They planned to eventually establish an internal Cloud Centre Of Excellence but needed a strong cloud transformation partner to jumpstart things and bring some early wins. 1CloudHub was ideally placed to help.

Our approach

Assessment and planning

Cloud adoption strategy

Migration roadmap

01. Assessment and planning

  • CIO meeting to understand goals and objectives.
  • Handover of templates with data elements required for the assessment.
  • Discussion with key IT stakeholders and walkthrough of high-level IT topology.
  • Application portfolio inventory with data elements.
  • 8 discovery workshops (each 2-3 hours long) with various stakeholders across teams and functions to understand Magnum’s IT topology, network, connectivity, users, governance, operations, security, and core & common applications.

02. Cloud adoption strategy

  • Hybrid cloud approach: we recommended DR on cloud and production on-premise to leverage the life of existing hardware and mitigate the client’s risk associated with the adoption of new technology.
  • Cloud-first policy: Any new IT capex requirements arising thereafter would be first evaluated for cloud fitment, thus enabling migration to cloud over a period of time.
  • Lift & Shift methodology: In order to mitigate unknown risks, we recommended a lift & shift approach to rehosting. Post migration, the scope for refactoring and re-platforming is much more.

03. Migration roadmap

  • Pilot phase: Extended DC, enterprise security, core IT and corporate website live
  • Phase II: DR on cloud through Azure AD
  • Phase III: GP DR on cloud: SaaS approach with Dynamic 365


Met the client’s business requirements with assured SLAs during the transition.

Improved availability of services to the client’s APAC audience.

Monitored utilization and continuity of business services across 7 servers/3 DBs for scale and 17 servers/5 DBs for genesis.

Looking forward

1CloudHub is delighted to have played a key role in helping the client take the first step of a hugely transformative journey. We are committed to assisting their IT team maintain and potentially improve their SLA commitment to the business through our Nimbus framework and 24×7 Managed services.

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