1CloudHub wins the Times Business Award for IT excellence

This blog illustrates how 1CloudHub is transforming the cloud landscape and winning.

Making a difference, becoming champions—be it sport, music, coding, or anything else—takes time. For companies to grow and gain the trust of hundreds of brands, it all begins with baby steps. But is that always the case? 

We, at 1CloudHub, have taken giant leaps from day 1. 

All of this in just 5 years makes the journey feel unreal even for us, at times. With each passing day, we’ve built our expertise and worked on translating our business vision into technology needs and have come bounds ahead in the digital transformation journey.  

Our robust and agile technological foundation for digital business ambitions is just as ready to run as we are. And we are honoured to know that our efforts have not gone unnoticed.  

Today, we are proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as the Winner of The Times Business Excellency Award for IT!

Here’s our COO, Sridhar receiving the prestigious award

None of this growth, none of the recognition could have happened without the support of our customers, and we’re lucky to have such amazing people encouraging us. 

May the inner light in you and your family shine brightly this Festival of Lights!

What’s next for 1CloudHub?

Seamless digital transformation journey for every company, big or small, across industries, across the world—facilitating this is the only purpose of 1CloudHub, and we will not stop until this goal is achieved.  

To that end, we’re constantly innovating and improving our tech stack and services.  

In the coming years, we’re prepping our platform to accelerate: 

  • Smart Cloud adoption for secure and reliable autonomous 24/7 operations  
  • FinOps for Cloud Cost Optimisation  
  • AI-powered automation to enhance efficiency   
  • Modernisation of Cloud infra (Containers), databases and applications to go digital all the way  

We’ve proven to be integral to digital journeys of leading brands across the world in industries like BFSI/Fintech, logistics, healthcare, media & entertainment, retail, IT, and manufacturing.  

We are privileged in saying that this is just the beginning of a much brighter future. There is so much more planned for our path in the forthcoming years, and we’re stoked that you’re a part of that journey.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at contactus@1cloudhub.com

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