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If time = money, 1CloudHub is about to make you a million bucks.

If time = money, 1CloudHub is about to make you a million bucks. Interested? Read on.  

Every decision, every path to success is made with two things: Experience, and Data. Your experience, however vast, needs the right data to decide the next course of action. Your experience can predict what can come next for your business, but to have something concrete, you need to see the right information.  

Currently, your company’s crucial data is manually entered into spreadsheets, clunky information management systems, or even handwritten. And the probability of human error in manual data entry can range between 18 – 40%, according to studies.  

So, this means, there’s a 40% chance of making the wrong decision for your company, because of poor data. Even if the data is right, it is delayed, and this again affects your strategic decisions.  

Fret not, we have the perfect solution for you.  

Say hello to—Instant data extraction and 100% better decision-making, enabled by 1CloudHub is our cutting-edge, AI-powered document data extraction platform, and the possibilities it offers you are endless

From mountains of paperwork to instant, accurate data

Be it hand-scribbled bills or multi-page paper files, converts your physical or scanned paperwork into neatly segmented digital files instantly and extracts all the valuable data from these documents whenever you need them. 

Built on powerful, industry-leading technology—OCR, NLP, computer vision, and more— can process any kind of document.

Bridging data gaps with intelligent reconciliation

With the power of AI/ML, makes the extracted data even more meaningful with reconciliation and prediction models that can bridge gaps in information and connections.  

The human review component allows for QA for higher accuracy and trains the models so that these review cycles get shorter over time.  

All of this can be done from a single, intuitive interface, and you can also process tens of thousands of business documents in seconds. 

The treasure of knowledge, just a click away

Integrate the data extracted from your digitized documents with all your processes easily. gives you a searchable knowledge bank with organized, streamlined data that is readily available to you and your teams so you can identify bottlenecks and make faster decisions.  

And the best decisions are ones that are based on actionable insights. Unlock business growth with the power of good data. 

If you’re still wondering why you need

Proven research tells us that digitizing your documentation process helps an organization save 50-80% in costs and up to 90% in processing time per document. With the right combination of AI-powered data and impeccable experience, your decisions can create the right impact on your business, and you can see the results immediately with real-time data.  

Paperwork can’t do that for you, can it?


Give a try today! 

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