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In this blog, we will be discussing the various Migration approaches has evolved over the last decade.

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More businesses are planning to migrate their on-premises technology with scalable cloud technology to accelerate their business targets. These migrations need to be handled in a risk-reduced and cost-effective approach. Various Migration approaches has evolved over the last decade. 

Migration Approaches

Before the AWS Application migration service, CloudEndure is used to automate migrations from physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure to AWS.  

  • VM export/ Import 
  • Data export/Import 
  • Data export/Import With delta sync 
  • CloudEndure 

AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN)

AWS Application Migration Service is an automated lift and shift service that easily moves applications to AWS without worrying about compatibility difficulties and lengthy cutover windows. Lift and Shift is an effective method to modernize your applications. 

Key Value adds observed while leveraging AWS MGN

  • Available within AWS Management Console 
  • Secured via IAM & AWS API 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Leverage Site to site connectivity (Direct Connect/ VPN) 

Available within AWS Management Console

AWS MGN can be administered from the AWS Management Console, which can also be integrated with Migration Hub. This gives a dashboard view of the application that needs to be migrated which aids in having better control over what/when the application can migrate. It has recommendations that analyses your applications to help you determine the optimal strategy and tools to migrate. 

Secured via IAM & AWS API

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) assist you securely control access to AWS servers. MGN also operates the service without a connection to the public internet and stores your migration metadata in the same AWS Region as your migrated instances. Also, we can use Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail to monitor AWS Application Migration Service to have clear observability and control over the entire migration process. 

Leverage Site to site connectivity ( Direct Connect/ VPN)

Connectivity challenges: 

 In contrary to AWS MGN, Cloud Endurance does not support DX (Direct Connect), which enables us to do data synchronisation across private networks (Direct link). 

Ease of Use

The entire migration process can be set and triggered by following a few minimal steps: 

The first step is the installation of AWS Replication Agent on the source server and until the Initial Sync is finished, following this you can do a test launch and once results are as expected we can plan for actual production cutover. As the data is continuously replicating, once it is intact, we can start to cutover instances from the source to AWS. At last archive, the source server. Your AWS account receives source server replication from MGN, and it automatically converts and runs your server on AWS. 

AWS MGN could be a very good starting point for the customer to start their digital journey.

1CloudHub partnering with AWS has helped several large and complex applications to upgrade their workload using AWS MGN.

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Written By:  Umashankar N  and Srihari

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