Quick GoTo Cloud - Migrating SMBEs to AWS Cloud

It is perceived that by end of 2019 small-to-medium-sized companies would contribute about 40% of total revenue spent on cloud services. But these companies do not have a clear GoTo Cloud strategy nor a Technology advisory who can guide them in their cloud journey. Explore further in this blog on how 1CloudHub plays the key role in data migration solutions, approach and benefits for Small and Medium Business Enterprises.

Big Dream of small companies

Migrating to cloud has always been a dream for many Small and Medium Business Enterprises, especially with the hassles of procurement cycle for any infra restructuring in the organisation and also the maintenance overheads of hardware infrastructure. Even small organizations, have rigid processes when it comes to scaling up infrastructure for a project requirement or a hardware refresh. Tenders/contracts/procurement procedures, only add to the complexity and make the complete process cumbersome, especially when the new addition is for a temporary period (sometimes even for few hours).


1CloudHub joining hands with AWS

As a born in the cloud company, 1CloudHub has always been passionate in helping SMBE’s regardless of the size of revenue that would be realised out of the engagement. At 1Cloudhub, we being an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS, wanted to leverage the increasing popularity of the cloud among the small business segments, also helping them to quickly migrate to cloud with flexible and cost-efficient services proposed by Amazon Web Services, with its highly flexible public cloud infrastructure.

1Cloudhub and AWS teams together approach the SMBEs who are ambitious to go to cloud. Companies pioneering into cloud, may be hesitant to invest on trials, as they do not have vision of the outcome. The SMBE were given opportunity to :

  • Migrate any one of their stable/non business critical applications to cloud (sometimes even one environment, for example Non production systems only)
  • Develop a greenfield application in cloud

Our Approach:

1CloudHub recommends that migrating one application at a time to the cloud can be a good start for small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMBEs) . Typical steps we follow in our approach are

  • Understand customer requirements
  • Identify Assets to be migrated
  • Help the SMBE management to realize cost benefits post migration, over a period of time
  • Propose a phased approach isolating Non production systems and Production systems in separate phases
  • Provide a progressive roadmap to migrate other applications from on prem to Cloud
  • Golden images of a Linux/Windows instance with standard pre-requisites are maintained in a library readily usable for the Build deployment engineers
  • Based on customer requirement, quick launches of identical instances from the library of Golden images is performed, which is our USP, enabling seamless provisioning of cloud instances, at the wink of an eye (Quick GoTo Cloud Approach)
  • Provide Cutover planning and support during Go-Live
  • Post Go Live Support of 30 days at no extra cost


Let us see, what would be the compelling benefits which would make a SMBE, to go inclined on AWS using the GTC Approach

  • Cheaper and Affordable

Most SMBEs can opt for smaller instances (like t1/t2 nano/micro with free tier to almost 750 hours per month) for less critical systems

  • Pay for only what you use

Temporary infrastructure can be quickly launched and decommissioned in few hours/minutes and customer is entitled to pay only for the limited duration minutes/seconds – AWS supports per second billing (introduced recently in April 2019)


  • High Availability

Multi Availability zones in AWS provide enough coverage to ensure that Business applications continue to serve their end customers, even if one availability zone is not available, other zones will still be able to serve

  • Quick Scalability

When it comes to cloud, scaling up and down is almost in a click of a button with limited or no downtime in AWS

  • Security and Compliance

Industry Standard security and compliance is followed by AWS, which would be inherited in the implementation done by 1CloudHub

  • No need of cloud skills

Cloud skills can seem to be a big challenge for SMBEs, you can sign on for managed IT Services from 1Cloudhub, partner from Amazon Web Services to trim the costs even further and allow your in-house staff to focus on more important tasks.

1Cloudhub takes pride that as an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, we have helped many SMBEs in their debut journey to cloud.  Get in touch with our consultants today, and we’ll help craft the right approach for you. Do check our case studies to find out more about our offerings.




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