Vidyashankar J


As the driving force and CEO of 1CloudHub, Vidyashankar forges the vision and innovation for empowering digital businesses with automation, agility and insights.

Vidyashankar is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience in delivering IT solutions at global corporations.

He is a serial entrepreneur and started his entrepreneurial journey with a company that specialized in technology migration on collaboration platforms, where he carved niche offerings and built scalable delivery capability. The company grew to a million dollar within the second year of its operations and serviced marquee clients like Philips, BASF and World Bank. He then went on to craft vision and build a successful cloud services company.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Shankar worked across multinational enterprises such as Philips worldwide, IBM, Global Foundries, CSS Corp, Lotus Development Corp and Sundaram Information Systems.

Shankar has an MBA (IT Management) degree from University of Leicester and bachelor’s degree in physics from University of Madras.

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