Arijit Ghatak

Regional Revenue & Growth Leader - ASEAN

Arijit Ghatak leads 1CloudHub’s Asia Pacific Business, boasting a remarkable 14-year career with renowned companies such as AWS, Akamai, Cloudflare, and Oracle. As a proven and impact-oriented senior executive, he consistently drives sales strategy, fosters innovation, propels revenue growth, effectively manages change, hones negotiation skills, and provides in-depth team coaching within the cloud industry.

Arijit’s influence spans diverse domains, with a global footprint and notable achievements in ASEAN, North America, and India. He excels in transformative leadership, encompassing market strategy, partnership cultivation, and channel development. Arijit’s unwavering dedication to fostering high-performance teams through innovative management and coaching consistently translates into revenue growth and enduring client partnerships.

Specializing in innovative growth strategies with a proven track record of business transformation, Arijit guides diverse verticals from inception to establishment. He identifies and nurtures development opportunities while ensuring disciplined operational execution. Arijit consistently engages top talent, leading high-performance teams to enhance productivity and contribute to organizational success

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