1CloudHub nominated for Data Center Transformation Excellence Award

We are honoured to announce that Microsoft Singapore has recognized our successful outcomes as an Azure partner with a nomination for the Data Center Transformation Excellence Award.

The nomination comes in just 9 months of 1CloudHub’s founding and is a nod to our innovative utilization of the advantages of cloud to architect and implement progressive data center transformation solutions.

We believe the Microsoft partner ecosystem will be instrumental in accelerating the digital transformation of organisations in Singapore, and we’re excited to play our role in true 1CloudHub style – with purpose and passion.

Our nomination submission

We were nominated for this prestigious award for our work for global container shipping and transportation company, with over $4.5 billion in revenue. For this client, we developed a solution that presented three significant outcomes.

Business scenario

Our client’s booking contracts were being processed thus far by a Mainframe in a datacenter in the US. It needed to be migrated to a modern Mainframe in their France Datacenter. This affected 3 core systems around the pricing and booking contracts. The 3 systems are:

— The robotics process automation (RPA) that was done on the US mainframe, now needed to be implemented on a modern Mainframe in France.

— The customer support portal deployed on SAP CRM had to scale to handle all service requests coming to this new RPA system.

— Processing system for historical records of booking contracts made which had to be migrated to the modern Mainframe in France.

Our solution approach

Our approach empowered the client to manage and execute complex workload transitions flawlessly. With Azure, we were able to complete seamless multi-region, multi-application migration and business transitions for our client, alongside preparing them to leverage the power of a larger ecosystem.

Workload 1: Enabling automation with robotic process automation

1CloudHub enabled scale though progressive roll out for virtual workers on-demand, by deploying 40+ virtual machines and Azure services across multiple environments. We enabled pricing and booking automation through agile deployment, completed in three weeks. We now help APL optimize and manage this infrastructure on cloud.

— 40+ virtual machines

— 60% reduction of human capital

— 500% quicker booking time

Workload 2: Scalable SAP migration to Azure cloud

1CloudHub re-platformed OS from AIX to SLES (Suse Linux enterprise server) with smarter OpEx spend leveraging Azure. We validated and benchmarked the re- platformed environment’s performance for 600 concurrent users handling 25,000 service requests in three hours. We right-sized production deployment architecture and data migration approach for production cutover. We also mitigated timeline risks through meticulous planning.

— 3x increase in capacity

— 25,000 service requests in 3 hours

— 99.99% uptime

Workload 3: Process center migration to mainframe in France via Azure

1CloudHub architected and enabled 46 servers on Azure to migrate historical booking contracts to the modern Mainframe. Understanding this to be a contingency need, we brought the customer to the scalable Azure cloud environment, providing instant access to the infrastructure needed to perform migration.

— 46 servers

— 3 countries

— 0 dead investments

About us

1CloudHub is a boutique cloud consulting company offering cloud consulting and implementation services across Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Our pioneering work in cloud transformation and migration for million-dollar businesses has earned us partnerships with the world’s top cloud providers, and resulted in higher productivity, lower error rates, and faster turnarounds for our clients.

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that allows organisations to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

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