SaaS for Independent Software Vendors

This blog illustrates how a customer can work with a reputable cloud provider like 1CloudHub, which has a proven track record and can help you accelerate your SaaS transformation significantly.

SaaS has become the preferred purchase paradigm due to the convenience of purchasing products and services without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and its associated complications. Traditional software vendors are under pressure to innovate to offer SaaS-based products and services.

But what is SaaS, and what alternatives do product managers have for providing SaaS to their customers?

SaaS is a purchasing option in which a consumer just consumes a service with defined service availability and pays for it regularly.

Scalability, version upgrades, security, and other operational aspects are entirely transparent to the customer. While organizations like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft have the necessary staff and resources to invest in running data centers and networks, most software manufacturers simply cannot afford to do so. As a result, cloud innovation as part of the product strategy has becomes essential.

SaaS solutions in the cloud

For product managers, the cloud offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because there is no upfront investment and you just pay for what you use, the cost of failure is modest compared to traditional data centers. Cloud also provides cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes containers, serverless computing, API gateways, and other PaaS application services, all with enterprise-grade SLAs and features. Most security and governance measures are included in the cloud’s offerings, and an SLA backs everything up.

Challenges in Cloud Adoption

  • While all the controls are accessible for a team to put together the ideal cloud solution, getting it right takes time and practice. The amount of time that potential investors and customers are likely to be unwilling to invest in you.
  • In most cases, product teams are unprepared to deal with infrastructure and networks. They succeed at developing great product features in their fields, but they struggle with vertical integration jobs involving infrastructure or application services.
  • It makes little sense for product teams to hire cloud expertise and develop cloud operations teams for day-to-day management and operations. Instead, product teams would invest in improving product features or better marketing them to raise the value of their products.

This means that partnering with a trusted cloud provider like 1CloudHub, which has a proven track record, can significantly speed up your SaaS transformation.

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Written by :   Ramakrishna Phani Jonnavittula

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