• Intelligent AI/ML driven Cost Optimization Recommendation with potential savings.
  • Anomaly detection of cost inducing triggers and pointing to cost incurring source
  • Automated Operations for continuous cost savings


  • Full view of cost across all clouds and subscriptions
  • Realize up to 35% Potential Savings
  • No Additional Upfront/Monthly Cost
  • Read Access Only
  • Unique Delivery Model

Costimize Service Engagement

Discovery Workshop
(1-2 Weeks)

  • Access (read-only) to customer’s AWS/Azure/GCP account
  • Access to infra utilization data over 3 months
  • Access to detailed invoices of AWS/Azure/GCP account over 3 months
  • Existing cost optimization measures & Industry benchmark
  • Cloud Costs Insights Setup

Cost Optimization Assessment
(1 Week)

  • Server assessment based on – capacity utilization, backup & retention, licensing, stop-start
  • Storage tiering assessment based on – capacity needs, compliance needs
  • Reserved Instance considerations
  • Spot/Spot Fleet considerations
  • Instance family/generation considerations

Savings Realization & Sustenance
(2-3 Weeks)

  • Cost Optimization Dashboard Access
  • Implementation & Realization based on CO Assessment
  • Continuous Improvement & Operations

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