Cloud Engineer I- (CE I)

At 1CloudHub we are looking for Cloud Engineer I (CE I), Experience of 2-4 years in total, preferably on Cloud technologies using AWS /Azure /GCP. We are looking for leaders with a sharp focus and willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies.


Cloud Engineer I


2-4 years of total experience, preferably in cloud technologies using AWS/Azure/GCP

Skills Required

  • Good working experience on the Windows or Linux platform, O365.
  • Experience with: IAM, Roles, AWS Single SignOn, Azure ADFS, load balancer configuration, managing Azure subscriptions and resources.
  • VPN knowledge: IP-Sec Site to Site Connection, Direct Connect, Transit Gateway, Global Accelerator and Client VPN Endpoint.
  • AWS/Azure Security Exposure: WAF, Inspector, Security HUB, RAM (Resource Access Manager)
  • Should have knowledge and experience with various cloud storage and file system technologies.
  • Should be familiar with networks and be able to work with open-source firewalls and VPNs, as well as the AWS Firewall Manager.
  • Understanding of cloud migration procedures, as well as automation on Azure/AWS.
  • Willingness to learn new tech skills as required (self-learning), multi-cloud deployment and automation.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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